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                                                       We also Air  "MIDNIGHT"   and   Regular,      OLDtime    Radio shows,    from   years gone past.  

                                                                                                             On our  Real Player  channel  ONLY.....   

              We air  the    "MIDNIGHT"     OTR  shows   every   Saturday night  at  12  Midnight.....        and   air  the  Regular  OTR  shows    

                                                                                     On   Sunday       at   6pm.   EST / USA....  till   whenever.


   To view our Real Player streams. You will need a FREE Real Player on your computer. We recommend The Real Player 11.  If you need one you can get one   here

         Once you have the Free Real Player installed on your PC click      HERE      to Check out  the RealPlayer Streams.


                                                                                                                    We hope you  enjoy the   shows .

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